7 ways we keep residents safe at our Devonshire care home

A safe environment keeps our residents relaxed and comfortable and helps reassure their families that they are receiving the best care possible. We’ve invested in state of the art equipment to reduce the chance of accidents, and when they do occur, we have tested protocols and alarms to deal with them effectively.

Some of the safety equipment we use around the clock is...

Personal Alarms

Each of our residents carries a personal alarm which can be comfortably worn at all times. When activated the alarm immediately informs our expert team who’s in trouble and where they are. Alarm response times are constantly monitored by management to make sure our residents receive the help they need quickly.

Room Alarms

Every room is fitted with a fixed call bell. Residents are encouraged to ring their call bell whenever they need assistance.

Emergency Call Bell

The emergency call bell is used by staff during emergencies where an immediate response from the team is needed. All care staff and a nurse will immediately attend the situation if it’s safe to do so.

Night visits

Throughout the day and discreetly at night, all residents are regularly visited by a member of the care team. Every visit is recorded on our Care Control Computer and any concerns are promptly addressed.


All our communal areas are fitted with CCTV cameras which are monitored 24 hours a day. If an accident occurs and the resident has forgotten their alarm, our CCTV team will alert the necessary staff.

First Rate Fire Alarms

Hart Care’s fire alarm system is the best in the business. We regularly invite the fire warden to inspect the home and always act on the valuable advice they give us. Fire training is provided to all staff and we regularly run fire drills to identify areas for improvement.

Locked Safe

Residents may store any valuables in our locked safe. The safe is only accessible by management.

Knowing your loved one is living in a safe environment offers you the ultimate peace of mind. For an informal chat about residency options for you or a family member, call our friendly team on 01822 853 491.

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