Devon Care Home Essentials - Diet and Dining

As we get older it becomes increasingly important to maintain a healthy diet that provides all the nutrients that our body requires, especially as we begin to become a little frailer and more susceptible to illness and injury.

As an opening example, it’s very important for older adults to get plenty of calcium and vitamin D as it helps to maintain healthy bones. So three servings of vitamin D-fortified low-fat enriched milk or yogurt is recommended each day.

Elderly people also need to consume more foods that are rich in fibre, as this aids the regularity of bowel movements, helps to lower the risk of heart disease, controls weight gain and can prevent the occurrence of diabetes. Fibrous foods include whole-grain breads and cereals, fruits and vegetables, and beans and pulses.

There is a growing call for elderly people to consume more vitamin B12. Our bodies begin to struggle to produce the acids and stomach enzymes required to process this essential vitamin in later life, so foods such as cereals, lean meats and some seafood dishes offer an excellent way of topping up.

Finally, increasing potassium and reducing salt intake can help significantly in the fight against high blood-pressure in old age. Potassium can be found in fruit and veg and a range of low-fat dairy product, as well as in handy supplements.

Here at Hart Care the dietary needs of our residents are taken very seriously. We employ in-house chefs to prepare fresh and satisfying home cooked meals that cater not only for the recommended nutritional needs of elderly residents, but also the special dietary needs of every individual.

We provide a varied and ever-evolving menu and always make sure to ask residents what they would like to eat, assuring that we can cater for the majority of the residents with our daily menu, whilst providing plenty of alternative options.

It is our strong belief that the dining experience is a key part of the community ethos we promote at the home, offering a great daily opportunity for residents to interact, make friends and build relationships. As such, our recently refurbished dining area offers a relaxing and comfortable environment for residents to dine and socialise.

If you would like to find out more about the dining options available here at our welcoming Devon care home (or would like to join us for a taste test!) please call our friendly team on 01822 853491.

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