Elderly care essentials for Devon Care Homes

Devon was recently identified as one of the top 5 places in the UK to enjoy retirement, with demand for high quality elderly care in the region continuing to rise.

Here we pinpoint four essential components that should be considered when choosing an aged care home placement in Devon.


Excellent elderly care is provided by excellent staff. Employees that are qualified, passionate and proud of their work will go the extra mile to keep elderly residents happy and healthy.

Specialist Care

The quality of specialist care an aged home can provide is essential. Choose an aged home that really can tailor to the needs of an elderly resident, be that in terms of diet, treatment or intensity of care.


Everyone wants to feel safe and content in their living environment, especially elderly people who are moving from a familiar home setting. A clean, well decorated and properly maintained facility will offer comfort and contentment.

A friendly environment

It’s important that an elderly person doesn’t become isolated in their home environment and makes new friends. Choose a care home that offers plenty of communal events and opportunities to mingle with other residents.

If you’re looking for the perfect Devon care home, but you’ve not quite sure where to start, please get in touch.

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