Five essential C’s a Devon Care Home should offer

When an elderly person becomes a resident of a nursing home in the Devon region there are many key elements that can help to assure they benefit from their new surroundings.

Here we pinpoint the five C’s that are essential to a happy care home placement.


From dietary needs to pain relief, a high level of care is an essential standard for any nursing home. If an elderly person feels well looked after and confident that those around them have their best interests at heart, they will lead a happier and more contented life.


All good care home facilities put the comfort of elderly residents first. Clean and comfortable clothing, bed linen and furnishings are all essential day-to-day needs whilst pleasant and cleanly surroundings are important factors in promoting well being.


Many elderly people can feel embarrassed, frustrated and confused by the physical and mental struggles they face in later life. But with patient and understanding care, care home residents can recognise and adapt to their limitations, and focus on the many positives of old age.


Loneliness and isolation are major issues for elderly people, so being in a care home setting provides a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Care homes with pleasant communal areas and busy entertainment schedules will promote community between residents.


Routine and consistency is important to elderly people, especially those struggling with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Details as simple as regular mealtimes, community activities and familiar staff members can all contribute to a feeling of comfort and contentment.

If you would like to find out more about the elderly care facilities offered by the Hart Care home here in Yelverton, Devon please get in touch.

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