Hart Care in Focus: Respite Care

At Hart Care we understand the pressures that caring for an elderly person can bring for relatives and loved ones, so we offer a special service that allows carers time to rest and recuperate.

Our respite care service gives primary care givers such as family members and friends an opportunity to take some time to relax, safe in the knowledge that the elderly person they love and care for is in the capable hands of an expert nursing team.

This gives Carers the opportunity to take a break from the responsibility of full time care for a short or extended period, during which time an elderly friend or relative will be welcomed as a temporary resident at Hart Care, with access to all the high-quality care offered at the home.

Peace of mind

Full-time Carers who need a little downtime often feel guilty and nervous about leaving their loved one in the hands of other people and can be very anxious about using a respite care service.

To ease the worry for concerned Carers, the team at Hart Care guarantee a high-quality care service where all of the medical, habitual and dietary requirements of a short-term resident are discussed and agreed upon before they come to stay with us.

Our aim is always to assure Carers that everything is in place, allowing them the peace of mind they need to relax and enjoy some much-deserved relaxation time.

Get in touch

If you are a Carer based in Yelverton or the wider Devon area and would like to organise a scheduled weekly break or one-off ‘holiday’ period, the team at Hart Care can step in to provide all the support and care required in your absence.

If you would like to find out more about the respite care services offered here at our welcoming Devon care home or want to find out more about our range of services, please call the friendly team at Hart Care on 01822 853491.

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