Progress update December 2020

This is the second update evidencing the progress and improvements we’ve made in recent weeks. These updates will continue up until the time that CQC re-inspect.

The goal of the changes we are making is to ensure that residents are kept safe, that residents receive the best care possible, that our staff are well-trained and that we have a robust and positive culture.

We have listed below a summary of these significant changes:

1) The Home is in a significantly better position than it was at the time of the CQC inspection in August. We know we aren’t at the end of our journey by any means, but we’re heading in the right direction.

2) The team of industry specialists continue their work. They have been joined by our new Registered Manager, Natalie Bonney.

Natalie joins us with more than 20 years of experience in care, having worked in the NHS, domiciliary care, live-in and complex care services, and a nursing home.

Natalie is very passionate about ensuring the care provided to vulnerable people is the best possible. She has hit the ground running and will work very hard to help implement the substantial changes needed at the Home.

3) We have continued to communicate in a completely open and transparent manner with the key people at Devon Council and also with our inspector from the Care Quality Commission. The progress we are making has been noted.

4) We have recruited a very experienced Deputy Manager who will start with us on 1st February 2021. He is a nurse and will be responsible for overseeing clinical practice and the delivery of care, line-managing the care staff including our nurses, and making sure that clinical and care governance is robust.

5) We have introduced a much more thorough induction program for all care staff and nurses, that will help to monitor and ascertain competency.

6) The results of audits we are completing evidence the improvement we are making.

7) We continue to buy new equipment for the Home.

8) We are in the process of completely changing how medication is supplied, managed and administered. This will bring with it a much safer and robust medication program for the Home.

9) Various meetings continue with staff, so as to speak about “lessons learnt”, our new culture, best practice, etc.

10) We have recruited an Activities Co-ordinator, who starts with us 3-days a week from 18 th December.

11) All of our staff have completed material amounts of training in the last three months. This will continue into January and February 2021.

As per our previous update in October, please remember that this list of changes is only a snapshot of the work we are doing. If any person reading these updates would like to know more, please contact us by

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