Progress update March 2021

This is the third update evidencing the improvements we’ve made since September 2020. These updates will continue up until CQC re-inspect.

Where we are today is significantly better than where we were in September 2020.

We have listed below further evidence of the many changes and improvements we’ve made:

  1. In our update of December 2020, we informed readers that we were heading in the right direction, but still had a long way to go. We are pleased to be able to say that we are now at the end of the recovery and stabilising phase of the project.

  2. Natalie Bonney (Registered Manager) started with us in December 2020 and has made the role her own. Natalie goes from strength to strength and we are confident that she will maintain and improve on our key goals i.e. that our residents are kept safe, that our residents receive the best care possible, that our staff are well-trained and that we have a robust and positive culture.

  3. Our Deputy Manager Martin Anstis started with us on 1st February 2021. He has taken on the challenges of his role with vigour and has already made a material and positive impact.

  4. We have continued to communicate in a completely open and transparent manner with the key people at Devon Council and also with our inspector from the CQC. All restrictions put in place last year by Devon County Council have been lifted.

  5. Our new quality assurance and audit structure continues to provide evidence that our recently introduced systems and processes are working. The results from these audits are very pleasing.

  6. In December 2020, we created a new role of “Team Leader”. This role sits above our Senior Carers and is there to provide leadership on the floor, to supervise other care staff and to complete audits as required by Natalie. We will have the full complement of Team Leaders in post by the end of March 2021.

  7. In January, we introduced Apetito foods to the Home. They provide our residents with their meals for lunch and supper. The Apetito menu is vast, giving our residents plenty of choice, and the food is healthy, well-balanced and calorie dense. Feedback has been positive from the majority of our residents. For those residents who prefer a different option, our cooks are on hand to prepare food in-house.

  8. Our new medication provider has worked with us to improve our medication management and medication administration practices.

  9. Staff meetings continue, either as general meetings or with individual departments. “Accountability” is a key theme that is repeated on an on-going basis. A great culture can’t be achieved without accountability!

  10. Our new Activities Co-ordinator is developing a robust and interactive activities program for our residents. We will be showing evidence of this program to relatives in our newsletter.

  11. Training for our staff continues. This will be a year-round process to ensure that staff receive the learning they need, so that they can provide great care for our residents.

As per our previous update in December, please remember that this list of changes is only a snapshot of the work we are doing. If anyone reading these updates would like to know more, please contact us by emailing

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