Progress update October 2020

We are able to confirm the following:

  1. A team of industry specialist consultants have been brought in by our owners. These consultants are working very hard 7 days a week to make the substantial improvements required.

  2. We are making changes in every area of our Care Home according to what was noted in the CQC report and also following other issues identified by our specialist consultants.

  3. A new Manager will be starting with us on 30th November 2020.

  4. The clinical structure in the Home has been made more robust, so as to provide more support to our nurses.

  5. We have invested very heavily in training, and a specialist trainer is delivering clinical training to our care staff between 19th October and 6th November.

  6. We are starting a robust Quality Assurance, governance and audit program.

  7. Medication training and audits have been completed and positive changes have occurred with how medication is managed and administered.

  8. New equipment has been purchased for many different areas of the Home.

  9. We are enhancing and upgrading the physical security of the Home, so as to increase the safety levels for our residents.

  10. Many meetings are taking place with staff, so as to keep staff up to date with the changes. Topics discussed include culture, dignity and respect.

  11. We have commenced a program of open and transparent communication with all relatives. This is to help keep relatives updated with the progress we are making and to reassure relatives we are making significant and sustainable improvements.

The information above is a snapshot of our progress to date. We are doing everything we possibly can to make the required changes as quickly as possible. If you require any further information or clarification, please email us on

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