Weekly dancing days introduced at Hart Care

Our residents might not be attending the local night clubs anymore, but their love for dancing, socialising and music hasn’t gone anywhere.

In the past, every time we held any type of entertainment that involved musicians, one resident in particular would take to the dance floor, prompting several other ‘usual suspects’ to follow suit. Upon noticing the enjoyment the dancing brought to her fellow residents, our lead dancer proposed the idea of holding the weekly dancing days that have now been adopted by the whole care home.

Our residents still have the moves

The dancing is as diverse as our residents themselves! Many enjoy a gentle jig, keeping them fit and healthy in the process with others pairing up for a spot of elegant ballroom dancing. The level is quite impressive and as soon as the needle hits the record on our classic gramophone, the mood across the entire care home is lifted.

Weekly dancing days are just one of the many activities our staff and residents host during the week. These include:

  • Cinema and movie nights
  • Weekly trips to tea rooms
  • Buckland Abbey visits
  • Exercise classes
  • Bingo and other game nights

We’re dedicated to providing a wide range of stimulating activities and experiences for all our residents. To talk more about the activities, services and general care we provide here at Hart Care, contact us today.

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