At Hart Care we have some fantastic facilities available for our residents and we encourage family and friends to join in.

Cinema Room

The cinema room was set up in 2011 and this has been a huge success with residents. We show regular films and provide suitable snacks to enhance the cinematic experience.

Details are available in advance.

Art and Crafts Room

This is another new addition to the home, which is very popular with some residents.

Dining Room

There is always a lovely atmosphere during meal times which encourages residents to socialise.

Bathrooms & Jacuzzi's

There is a Jacuzzi bath for relaxation. we also have a wet room as well as walk or wheel in showers for comfort and convenience.


We have lovely grounds with a beautiful established garden including a pond. On a sunny day there is nowhere better to relax.


This is an inviting environment to be enjoyed by residents during the summer and a lovely place to enjoy the garden on colder days.

Lifts & Stair lifts

The care home has 3 elevator lifts and 1 stair lift, so there is no need to walk up and down stairs if you are unable to.